Monday 28 March 2011

Just like riding a bike

First ride in 11 weeks tonight - just a 45min/18km bimble on the road bike, watching very carefully for potholes. They've certainly increased in size, severity and number since I last went out, although the good people of West Berks Council road planning have resurfaced a 15 metre stretch of local road to make up for it.

The bone+metal caterpillar coped well, the upper back less so. The straps of my new helmet were flapping about like an air-breathing goldfish though - some kind of scissor-based surgery is needed there. Apart from that, fairly uneventful. I did have to dodge three large black poodles and a reversing trailer - oh, and a reversing Honda too - but that's normality on the roads around here.

I also visited the gym for the first time since the accident. It wasn't the most intense session. Pulling thin pieces of rubber band and press-ups against the wall hardly made me look, um, hard. Pathetic springs to mind. And the less said about the 3kg bicep curls the better.

Still, I had by far the most impressive scar in the changing rooms.

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