Saturday 7 June 2008

Argghhh! Missed training

I noticed that the last couple of posts have both had titles starting with "Today". So That's changed for a start.

Secondly, I'm not going to be doing my Saturday super long ride. That's because my neighbour is taking me to the cricket, the England-NZ test match in Nottingham. Free.

All I've had to do is provide the picnic. Now, this is an absolute pleasure for me, because I love picnics. Not the actuality of them, more the idea. I can't really remember enjoying one, but in my head they are wonderful things, filled with sunshine, gambolling lambs and home-baked goodness. In reality it tends to be wind, rain, ants, wasps and a deep fried selection from the supermarket.

The best picnics I've had (and now I've thought about it, I do remember some) have been on bike holidays, most notably in Italy and Morroco. These are the kind of bike holidays that provide a full catered service using fresh, local produce - which in Italy and Morocco means just picked/killed/dug up. I ate my first ever pear on one of these in Sardinia, and my first donkey sausage.

So, in honour of these bike picnics, I've included a couple of token peaches amongst the deep fried selection and Mr Kipling cakes. Here's hoping they taste of Italy, rather than Nottingham.

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