Monday, 9 June 2008

It's getting hot in here

Not in the garage (which stays pleasant all year - being half underground helps) but in the house. We've had a couple of days of summer, and as I rode in to work this morning I caught a whiff of that summer smell - pollen, dust, heat. Not quite intense enough to really excite me, but it's on the way.

They say smell is the most evocative sense - something familiar can trigger a long hidden memory. The "summer smell" reminds me of riding in hot climates; that last day in Sardinia, the drag across Morocco when I ran out of water and had a bit of heat stroke in the evening. I guess that's why I'm craving it a little, I've no trips planned to warm places this year.

I do have a vague plan/promise to spend a few days in Wales with Jon, doing the trail centres. I've only been to a couple and it should be fun - bikes, beer, stupidity. We'd better get the dates sorted soon anyway.

This is the week I start learning to ride off road again... two weeks til Mountain Mayhem!

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