Thursday 12 June 2008

Rest week = eating week

On a rest and recovery week at the moment. My plan has three weeks of increasing intensity, then a recovery week with about half the volume. I'm mentally resting too, from the whole concept of being in shape - it's been beer, chocolate, ice cream and nuts all the way this week. I reckon that I'll have to start thinking about what's going into me from next week.

Even though it's been R&R week, did a three hour off-road ride last night. Described as "more Haribo than Torq bar" (i.e. eating sweets on the way round rather than energy bars), it was actually fairly intense - some good climbs in there. I was great just to be riding with a couple of friends, not looking at the heart rate monitor and looking at the countryside and wildlife instead. I must do a few more of these, especially after the big event in July. I've noticed that there seem to be many more birds of prey around, compared to when I was a kid. Last night we saw a Red Kite and a Buzzard. I'm not sure why but I do get excited by birds of prey - perhaps I still think of them are rare and react accordingly?

Didn't see any bears though. Perhaps next time.

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