Thursday 5 June 2008

Today I dressed in my jeyest roadie top

It's actually a bit of a milestone. One thing the shoulder has been stopping me doing is wearing certain tops, because they're a bit difficult to get off. Today I wore my tightest, jeyest top to do a road ride, and managed to get out of it without the help of other people, scissors or pulley arrangements.

It's been a pleasant couple of days, sunny in parts, verging on the warm, and everything seems that little bit greener and bushier. Jon was riding home so I slipped out of work more or less on time so that I could get my road bike and meet him. We rode together for 45 minutes or so, then he carried on and I turned back. We'd been bimbling along, but the ride back was a bit more painful - I did some much harder intervals, the kind of "better ease off in case I vomit" intervals that are just so much fun. Still, it felt great to be flying along at 25-30mph for three minutes at a time.

After a shower it was time for the shoulder exercises. I've got physio tomorrow so I spent a little more time than usual on them. I think I've made progress since the last time, but it's not dramatic. Ah well, we'll see what she says. Hopefully I'll need more physio!

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