Monday 16 June 2008

Crash Test Dummy

After a big crash, resulting in some kind of seriousish injury, there is that nagging thought... what will the next one be like?

At the moment my shoulder is about 80% I reckon - I can do most day to day things, but there are still certain positions that it won't go into and I'm still doing daily mobilisation and strength exercises. I've got a mountain bike event at the weekend (Mountain Mayhem) which obviously results in increased risk. So I've been thinking over the past couple of days "What happens if I fall off again onto my righthand side?". Will the shoulder just pop out again, will I be in agony, will it set back my recovery?

So, fortunately I fell off riding home tonight, at about 5mph, onto tarmac.

I say fortunately, because I now know that it can just about take a 5mph impact onto tarmac without coming out and without pain or noticable damage.

I did take the skin off my right knee, right elbow and tiny marks on the shoulder itself and right hand. Oh, and ruined a pair of jeans by tearing them open. So that was unfortunate.

But overall I'm sort of pleased.

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