Saturday 28 June 2008

Post Mayhem

So after my frenzy of mobile blogging from Mayhem, I guess I'd better write a bit about it.

I remember:

- The rain
- The wind
- The off camber rooty clay section that was tricky to walk
- Overtaking 41 people on one lap (yay, go me!)
- Needing Darren to convince me to go out again
- The atmosphere of the last two hours

But my one, overriding memory was dragging myself out of my tent in the rain and wind, feeling quite chipper (given the circumstances) and going to wait in the changeover area for Gareth, at my allocated time of 240am. The changeover area was two deep so I was standing behind some others, peering into the murk, trying to spot Gareth coming in. After twenty minutes or so, a rider came in, looking shattered, lights failed. He started talking to his team mate stood directly in front of me, describing how tough it had been. It was about thirty seconds before I realised that the rider was Tim (in our team) and I'd been standing behind Gareth... who had been waiting over two hours for Tim.

At that point, I went back to bed.

It was kind of an inverse-Mayhem changeover - you quite often see people arriving and getting stroppy when they find there is no-one to handover to. Our team sent out an extra one, just in case.

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