Friday 7 May 2010

Night Zero

It rained. It thundered. The giant super tent leaked, but only a little. It did however leak on Liz, so that made things a bit more amusing. At 2am I was woken by a flashing light outside the tent - as if someone was outside with a flashing headtorch. If there was someone outside the tent with a flashing headtorch then they weren't moving either. Maybe they were having their own personal rave? At a wet windy campsite near Land's End?

I had to investigate. Jon's bike light had decided to turn itself on and go into flash mode. I put Jon's bike light in the leftover soup. That calmed it down a bit.

Morning. Real, proper, "I'd never noramlly go out in this" rain. We crawled out, looked each other in the eyes, begging for someone to crack, to admit that this whole thing was a silly idea.

No-one cracked.

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