Saturday 8 May 2010

Stage 2

I mentioned the massages yesterday. Osteo Liz is our medical support, which means we are getting pro-level massages each night. These take place in the comunal tent, so we all get to observe the reactions. There are three types so far:

- The giggling screamer. Both myself and Jon fit into this category. Very amusing to watch, or listen to.
- The stoic. You can tell it hurts, but reactions are limited to the odd grunt or involuntary twitch of the leg. This is Phill and Dave.
- The corpse. Darren. He has no nerve endings.

[Update - Phill is a giggler when subjected to "The Thumper" on his quads. His was the first ever to shout "turn it off, turn it off!"]

Today's ride was tough - 218km according to my GPS, 95% into a strong headwind. Nine and a half frickin hours. I'd describe it in more detail but I had my eyes closed most of the time.

Thanks to:

- Darren's family, who variously fed us at lunchtime, entertained us with decorations, visited the campsite and generally seemed more excited by the trip than we are
- The support crew for doing all the supporty things
- The makers of various energy products who got us through the day

No thanks to:

- Rain, rain, rain
- Wind, wind, wind
- The road makers of Devon who base their resurfacing plans on Belgian cobbles
- Inconsiderate drivers
- Hot oil splashing Lynne (a little, she's still functional)

Word of the day: Brutal


Rob Lees said...

Excellent, guys, keep it going!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Rob!