Sunday 9 May 2010

This is why.

This is why we get up at 6am in the middle of winter and ride 25 miles before work. And then do the same on the way home.

This is why we pour over bike magazines for those latest training tips or “vital” piece of kit.

This is why we plan big weekends away, freezing night rides and 100 mile training rides.

This is why we go to bed wearing compression tights.

This is why we we give up our Saturdays to spend the day punishing ourselves.

This is why we spend £1000s on bikes instead of cars.

This is why we suffer sports “massages”.

This is why we spend hours on a turbo trainer in the garage, watching episodes of Buffy The Vampire Slayer on a laptop.

This is why we force down pints of energy drink instead of pints of lager, and energy bars instead of chocolate bars.

This is why, on very rare occasions, and when we really really have to, we shave our legs.

This is why holiday plans have to fit in with training plans.

This is why we thank our long suffering friends and family.

For mornings of sunshine, clear fast roads, stunning English countryside and like minded people – this is why.

[Disclaimer – not all of the above applies to all of the riders... but I'm not revealing what applies to whom]


Rob Lees said...

Great writing, inspiring and thoughtful.

stratobiker said...

And here's me thinking it was because we're compulsives who can't stop even if we wanted to. :)